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Where flavours connect and stories unfold

We collectively house more than 80 years of experience in the European market, specialising in Asian food and non-food products. Our companies and brands have a fascinating history, filled with tasty stories.

about us

The Asian Food Group

We are a distributor specialised in Asian food and non-food products. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of authentic Asian products, from A-Brands to exclusive brands. At Asian Food Group, we proudly offer over 380 brands, including 14 exclusive and 11 own brands. We act as partner to our distributed brands, and therefore we are able to offer a wide range of products to our customers. We offer over 3500 Asian products in our continuously growing portfolio.

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Delivery throughout Europe

Our warehouse is the cornerstone of our business from which we manage our day to day operations in over 35 countries. Strategically located near the German border, our location allows us to efficiently supply our clients across Europe. Our warehouse is 30.000 square meters and BREAM+ certified, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

the asian food group

Empowering growth together

Guided by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we are dedicated to supporting growth and adding significant value to our relationships. Our diverse team, fluent in over 13 languages, ensures the provision of tailored advice and top-notch customer service. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, as we consistently work to understand and fulfil the specific needs of our partners. Through thoughtfully crafted assortments and innovative marketing strategies, we empower businesses to not just survive, but to be successful in today's competitive world.

our history

80 years of heritage, experience, knowledge and strong relationships

Asian Food Group is a ‘new old company’. Although our group was only launched in 2020, our companies have over 80 years of experience with Asian food and non-food products within the European market.



- Acquired in 2020
- Indonesian & Japanese Kitchen


Thai Mas

- Acquired in 2022
- Thai & Korean Kitchen


Sin Wah

- Acquired in 2022
- Chinese & Vietnamese Kitchen



Established in 2022, Asian Food Group is the result of a merger between three esteemed family-owned companies: Lucullus, founded in 1941, Thai Mas in 1990, and Sin Wah Foods in 2008. Each of these companies brings its unique expertise to Asian Food Group, combining to offer 80 years of heritage, experience, knowledge and strong relationships. Together we've cultivated a treasure trove of culinary wisdom from Asia, spanning amongst others Japan, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea.


It is our mission to introduce authentic Asian flavours to Europe, by inspiring our partners and enriching the experiences of their cherished customers.


We aspire to be the preferred Asian Food supplier. We relentlessly pursue the goal of providing consumers with the most genuine and enchanting flavours imaginable. By carefully selecting exclusive Asian brands, we empower our customers to elevate their offerings and offer an authentic taste that uncovers the heart of Asian cuisine.