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Asian Food Group strives to source the best quality products from leading brands. With a portfolio of over 380 brands, originating from Asian countries, we are able to offer a broad and wide assortment to our customers.

Pioneer of noodles


Indomie, produced by Indofood, is a leading name in the world of instant noodles. What started in Indonesia has evolved into a global culinary sensation enjoyed in over 100 countries around the world. Indomie offers a diverse range of flavours, from classic soups like Chicken, Vegetables, and Chicken Curry to the ever-popular Indomie Mi Goreng.

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Authentic Korean cuisine


Founded in 1964, Sempio is the oldest brand in the Korean food industry. They have built an unparalleled reputation for their authentic fermented products, including their highly popular soy sauce and kimchi. Sempio's products are an integral part of Korean cuisine. Their impeccable quality have made them the leading private label brand in Korea.

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Authentic Thai sauces

Dek Som Boon

Dek Som Boon is a Thai brand that specializes in sauces. Dek Som Boon has a range of delicious, authentic sauces such as soy, oyster, fish sauces and more. They are the true taste makers of Thai cuisine.

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True Indian Taste


TRS is a respected brand specializing in Indian food products. They offer a wide range of high quality products from herbs and spices to rice, lentils, flours and sauces. With their range of products, TRS creates an authentic culinary experience for lovers of Indian cuisine.

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Indonesian Coconut specialist

Kara Coconut

Kara Coconut is a leading Indonesian brand appreciated by both professional chefs and families at home. They offer a wide range of coconut products, including their popular coconut milk and coconut cream. Kara's products are ideal for preparing various dishes such as curries, rice dishes, desserts and more.

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Everything for Thai cuisine


Aroy-D offers an extensive selection of popular cooking ingredients sourced from Asia. Specializing in canned goods, sauces, rice, coconut products, and much more, Aroy-D is your one-stop destination for all the essential elements to create delicious and authentic Asian cuisine.

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Refreshing fruit drinks


FOCO is world famous for its refreshing coconut and exotic fruit drinks. FOCO's coconut water is praised as the tastiest in the world due to the superior quality of their coconut water, which comes from young green coconuts from Southeast Asia.

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Authentic Indonesian spice blends

Dua Kuali

With Dua Kuali's spice blends, you can effortlessly prepare the most authentic Indonesian dishes, whether you have been cooking like a professional for years or are just starting to discover the culinary world. Discover the versatility and quality of Dua Kuali's spice blends and bring the authentic flavours of Indonesia to your kitchen.

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exotic flavours


Rubicon Exotic has grown into a leading company specializing in exotic beverages, known for using the finest, most authentic ingredients and superior quality. Their line includes a range of exotic juices and beverages that offer a truly refreshing and exotic taste adventure. Explore the delicious world of Rubicon Drinks, where refreshment and exotic flavours are seamlessly intertwined.

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Bring Indonesia to your kitchen


Finna: Taste the authentic Indonesian flavour in every bite. From delicious spice mixes to shrimp crackers, discover the diverse range of Indonesian products. Let Finna take you on a culinary journey to the heart of Indonesia.

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Perfecting Surinamese cuisine

Lekker Bekkie

Lekker Bekkie, the essence of Surinamese cuisine. Discover their famous sambal and chutney, among others, and create authentic Surinamese flavours. Your delicious Surinamese dishes begin here.

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