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At Asian Food Group we offer a diverse assortment of Asian food and non-food products. Our portfolio contains over 380 brands, allowing us to offer over 3,500 different products to our customers. These products are imported from more than 20 Asian countries, with our focus countries: Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

Asian Food Group is all about connecting Asia and Europe. We provide a gateway for Europe to the most complete product range from Asia. Our experience and wide assortment will provide you with the essentials to help you grow your business.

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As we continue to expand our portfolio, Asian Food Group strives to become Europe's preferred supplier of Asian products. With over 300 brands and 3,500 products, we offer an enticing range of leading Asian brands and local treasures. Our commitment goes beyond providing an extensive portfolio - we believe in the power of food to unite people, celebrate diversity, and create unforgettable moments. By bridging the continents, we introduce Europe to the culinary delights of Asia, with the goal of shaping a market share in the future of Asian flavours in Europe.



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