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Lucullus takes its name from the legendary Roman general renowned for his elaborate Oriental feasts. This name is a fitting tribute to the delectable products that have made Lucullus an indispensable presence in countless kitchens. We offer an extensive selection of noodles, sauces, soy sauces, and more, all crafted to perfection.

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Flavour experts since 1941

Founded in 1941, Lucullus specializes in Sambals, Chili Sauces, Ketjap, Spices, Fried Onions and Noodles, among others. Over the years, Lucullus has become an established name in the market. The unique look of the brand has now become an important logo and the brand is much loved by consumers and the hospitality industry alike.

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Gourmet passion,
Asian flavours

The name Lucullus, derived from Roman gourmet Lucius Licinius Lucullus, born in 117 BC, reflects their passion for Asian cuisine. Lucullus is synonymous with gourmet, and you can taste that in all their products. For all lovers of authentic Asian flavours who want to enrich their own cuisine, Lucullus is the perfect brand.



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