A unique range of own brands

Asian Food Group endeavors to source the best quality products from leading brands and provide competitive prices. With years of experience in the wholesale industry, we savor excellent relationships with quality suppliers, such as Indofood, Kara Coconut, Foco and many more.

Being involved with these brands, starting from production, all the way down to delivery, Asian Food Group will see to it that fair and professional practices are followed in every phase of the supply chain. It is our ambition to continue adding brands to our assortment, as well as developing our own private labels.

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always connected

Quality thanks to our customers

We are constantly in touch with our customers. Not only do we appreciate their feedback and suggestions, we actually take this information and put it to good use. We do so by taking our customers’ comments and wishes into account, and this is reflected in our brands and in the provided assortment. 

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Quality guaranteed

Targeted partnerships

Thanks to the ongoing growth of Asian Food Group, we can add brands to our product range that meet the quality requirements of both companies and clients.

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Open to new collaborations

A growing range of brands

Customers respond positively to the expansion of the range of our own brands. This encourages us to always keep looking for brands to add to the Asian Food Group family.

Iconic and world-renowned brands

We are the trusted and proud partner of many well-known Asian quality brands. With our team of specialists, we help our partners to become local heroes within various markets.


Brand in the spotlight

Lucullus, authentic Asian gourmet

Lucullus is named after the Roman general who was known for his penchant for elaborate oriental feasts. A perfect match with the tasty products with which Lucullus has made itself indispensable in many kitchens. Offering a wide range of noodles, sauces, soy sauce and more.

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