Built on a versatile foundation

The foundation of Asian Food Group consists of three outstanding companies. Each with their own identity and specialty. By learning from each other and working together smartly in terms of logistics, sales and purchasing, Asian Food Group has forged the perfect customer experience.

Lucullus, Thai Mas and Sin Wah Foods are all experienced companies with contacts all over the region. The history and knowledge of the companies within Asian Food Group has remained unblemished. For all affiliated companies, there is room for economies of scale and innovation, which is necessary in this fast changing sector.

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A household name since 1941

For over 80 years, Lucullus has been a specialist in the field of high-quality food products and kitchen accessories (non-food) associated with the Eastern cuisine. Lucullus has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to supplying tasty Asian products.

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Thai Mas

Top quality authentic Asian

Thai Mas B.V. specializes in the import and distribution of authentic Asian food and non-food products. In our vast range, you will find exclusive A-brands from Thailand, China, Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, India and Korea.

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Sin Wah foods

Specialist in food and non-food.

Sin Wah Foods B.V. has been an importer and exporter of Asian products since 1990. Sin Wah Foods B.V. is a supplier of food and non-food products to customers throughout Europe, offering a wide range of packaged food and a sophisticated range of non-food products.

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Great in variety

We are totally Asian

Together, the members of Asian Food Group serve more than 2500 customers, with over 3000 products to more than 45 countries. As a reliable supplier of Asian products, you are assured of speed, convenience, and quality.