Over 80 years of passion for Asian food

The idea of founding a group that specifically focuses on Asian food and non-food brands is the result of the rapid developments within another group: the Holland Food Group. In the summer of 2020 the Holland Food Group, which houses Verbruggen Food Group and supermarket chain 2 Brüder, acquired Lucullus BV, a company specialized in Asian cuisine products.

The developments of Lucullus, both before and after the takeover, motivated us to set up a new group in which Asian food companies and brands could collaborate strategically. Today, Asian Food Group consists of authentic companies, each with their own specialty. Based on a shared vision of entrepreneurship, collaborations, strategic partnerships and the development of private labels, Asian Food Group is growing considerably.

asian food group rice farmer

global food evolution

Honest about food

The Asian and world cuisine is changing. Adapting to important environmental trends in the production and distribution of food has become a top priority at Asian Food Group. Working with progressive brands and companies is essential.

magezijn asian food group

fast and reliable

In-house logistics

From our central distribution center, Asian Food Group has the logistics chain fully under its control. This results in fast deliveries and satisfied customers, thanks to the reliable and regular supply of quality products.

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continuous improvement

Dedication to innovation

The drive to always go the extra mile is in our blood. In terms of service, marketing, purchasing and product range, we are constantly looking for the latest innovations.

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a reliable partner

Advanced warehousing and logistics

For our customers, it is crucial that they can rely on us to build up their businesses. Our state-of-the-art distribution center of 60.000 m2 in Haps (Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands), houses all of our activities. 
And thanks to the regularity and professionalism of our dedicated logistics, delivery is guaranteed.