March 14, 2024

Asian Food Group acquires Lucullus B.V.

Asian Food Group acquires Lucullus, a specialist in qualitative groceries and kitchen essentials (non-food) needed for Asian cuisine.

Lucullus has been active as an importer since 1941 and stands for products of reliable quality brands. Thanks to the many import facilities that Lucullus has built up, many large and premium brands can now be found in their product range.

For the Asian Food group, Lucullus is a welcome addition. The acquisition significantly increases the assortment and allows the Asian Food Group to distinguish itself by responding to the demand for oriental products.

For Lucullus the acquisition offers a chance to sail along on the developments in the market and the ambitions the Asian Food Group has in that.

Rijk Verhoog / Geert Verhoog, directors of Lucullus B.V.: "We are very proud of the development and growth which Lucullus has experienced the last decades. As brothers we have given a lot of thought to the future of Lucullus. Recently, the conviction grew that the acquisition by Asian Food Group was the right scenario for Lucullus to further strengthen its market position both at home and abroad. We hand over Lucullus with confidence."

Asian food group distributie centrum

About Asian Food Group

The Asian Food Group is a group of cooperating companies within the Asian food sector, such as wholesalers and private labels. The group was founded as the result of the acquisitions of Lucullus B.V. in 2020, Thai Mas B.V. in 2021 and Sin Wah Foods B.V. in 2022.

The group has centralized its operations from their headquarters and 60.000 m2 distribution center in Haps (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands.

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